Guess the building.

Hint, for those in the know, it’s designed by the firm Skidmore Owings Merrill (SOM).

Scroll down for answer.

It’s “Greenland” in Nanjing, China. What did you think it was? lol

——-looks a lot like?——
——-but better?——

On the right, that is Trump Towah’, rising on the banks of the Chicago River.

The story here is that Mayor/Designer-in-Chief Richard M. Daley came up with the idea for spire on top. He wanted it, he got it. How does that work?
SOM, did the Mayor of Nanjing do the same? Or does Richie’s clout with you extend to
all the way China and you’re still trying to please him?

I think we should just move Claes Oldenburg’s Batcolumn at the GSA building on Madison

to the top of Trump Tower ‘sted that nice spire. That piece always was a monument to Chicago Clout.

But seriously, I’ve been wondering for a long time why Skidmore, which has a huge office here, does more interesting work in Asia than here. And now Architectural Record has the goods.

Of “Nanjing Greenland,” they write, it’s “a complex of three steel-frame, concrete-core glass towers. The tallest building, at least 985 feet tall, will include a faceted glass surface imbedded with irregularly-spaced slots for green space that “march vertically up the facade.”… The other towers, about 100 meters tall, will include roof gardens and a sunken green square.”

Click here to read their full article, with lots more pictures of nice SOM buildings – in Asia!


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