That Hovey thing

going up on the west side of the Edens expressway, near the once-nice Old Orchard shopping center,

is looking better – as trees are planted atop some terraces, people move in and turn on lights in their units, hang curtains, place houseplants and colors inside their homes.

In a way, a contemporary way, it’s looking like an Italian hilltop village. But it’s still a little scary. A little too like Corbusier’s Ville Radieuse.

Local architect David Hovey is a very talented architect. Capable of fine light-filled expensive single family homes, and condo buildings. He did the ones with the orange balconies in Evanston. Like ’em? I do. And the angled towers with balconies near the Davis Street train stations in Evanston. One of my favorite Hovey’s is near IIT, where he teaches. It’s shorter and quieter. Less oppressive. Beautifully integrated into the landscape. It’s called Michigan Place.

They’re nicer, smaller. But then … this.

To learn more about Hovey,
read local critic Cheryl Kent’s FINE book.


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