From the roof of Mies’ 880 N. Lake Shore Drive Apartments

So peaceful.

(Most Mies buildings have a water component. In addition to sun, sky, and air.)

And notice the I-Beam detail around the perimeter.

A friend told me a story. He said when they were restoring the most beautiful granary in the world Orsanmichele in Florence – a few years ago, they removed the Renaissance sculptures from their niches. And they saw that even the backs of the heads of the saints were sculpted beautifully enough to please Gd.

When I went up on the roof of 880 N. LSD I was glad to see that even the windows around the elevator mechanics and the stair to the top of the building, has Mies’ detailing. Even though almost no one will ever see it.

Here it is.

And I’m glad to know that there are eight more of those sublime Mies corners in the world –
Four more than I knew, on 860, and four more on 880! Each one, like a Renaissance sculpture, on Orsanmichele.



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