Kudos to the Tribune’s Blair Kamin for pressing the Donald on the advertising sign he put in the public way. He’s right, it’s an awful precedent.

I’ve never liked those “City Information” signs Daley allows the French company J.C. Decaux to put up on our sidewalks. They’re visual clutter, and the advertising assaults the senses and cheapens the experience of walking through the city. The city is not a shopping mall. Frankly, they don’t belong there either. But Trump’s is probably the worst one – pointing the way to and advertising his expensive condos in his unfortunate building.

I think what Trump doesn’t understand is that despite its mercantile nature, Chicago also has the mercy of enlightened urbanism.

What has always surprised me is that, getting off of the Edens expressway, or the Dan Ryan, to enter downtown Chicago – one is not assaulted by a myriad of advertising signs. Just beautiful buildings; at night they’re nicely lit.

This is not New York style. In New York, the advertising is everywhere. They compete and compete and cry out for attention. Like Donald. With his building named after himself. We don’t do that here either.


More kudos to the Trib for putting the Abakanowicz story and photo on page one, above the fold! (Will “above the fold” sound like “dial the number” in the internet era? And why was the Abakanowicz so downplayed on the website? Is it a better photo for a paper than a website? Or just a different editor?)

When I opened the Trib (paper version!), and saw the photo of the Wrigley building accompanying Blair’s story, I thought it would be a story on the plan to glass in the courtyard of the Wrigley building and turn it into a galleria. That plan exists. I think, if done right, it’s a good one.

One last note on Trump – The slick, overdone, tasteless glitz of his sign – reflective metal like overly- priced jewelry – is not a good sign for the materials to be used on the enormous building.

Chicago Tribune photo by Geoffrey Black


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