Architecture is poetry. Is that what’s missing today?

“Michelangelo writes poetry in his architecture” says Pisan curator Howard Burns. “One often comes across verses by the Master right next to the architectural drawings, expressing the pure emotion he felt after inventing such harmonious forms”.

A new exhibition in Florence illuminates Michelangelo’s fundamentally “poetic” sense of architecture – as underscored by the poetical musings found on several newly discovered manuscripts.

Read about it here. (via)

Good Architecture has Poetry.
Good poetry has Architecture.

I’d like to see the Poetry Foundation, flush with cash, sponsor poets to visit, and stay in inspirational settings, such as the Farnsworth House, to see what they pen.

And wasn’t it Mies who said,
‘If you are very good at (architecture) you may speak a wonderful prose.
If you are really good you can be a poet.’


Photo of: Michelangelo’s “La Notte” (Tomb of Giuliano, Medici Chapel, Florence)

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