The Magazine of the Moment

Architect magazine

Didn’t I say, just last month, keep your eyes on Ross Wimer?

Now you can. Yesterday I went to visit Ross, to see what new work he’s up to. On my way there, on the newstand I spot the magazine above!

Daily Dose notwithstanding, this is the magazine of the moment.

The premiere edition of Architect magazine.

And on the cover, Ross.

Well the new work he showed me is even better looking….

Including a great LED street lamp, of twisted steel. Very elegant.
Mayor Daley, while you’re talking to Ross about the Olympics, you ought to ask him about the streetlight he’s got that would make our town look instantly more chic. Both because of the pole itself (better than those standard issue highway lights we’ve got all over town) and because they’d cast a whiter, less yellow light.

Ross also showed great buildings SOM is designing. But I’m not allowed to divulge yet…

Til soon then, and pick up Architecture magazine. It’s edited by the former curator of the Chicago Architecture Foundation, our friend, Ned Cramer. Here’s his new blog, which includes this explainer:

“ARCHITECT will celebrate the people—famous and otherwise—who get buildings built. Moreover, because the profession of architecture doesn’t exist in a vacuum, ARCHITECT will introduce its readers not just to other architects, but to those strange creatures who labor on the periphery, such as contractors, real estate developers, and building-product manufacturers.”

The article featuring Ross is well-written, by a friend, the wonderful Cindy Coleman. Click here to read it.

Big Congrats to all involved. But I’m sure it’s not as hard as starting a blog! (smile. Ned’s been working for months on this premiere issue.)

– Tell ’em Edward sent you.

UPDATE: Another blog on the site of Architect says,

“The first issue even has a steamy profile picture of SOM partner Ross Wimer. To the best of my knowledge the ambition is for this publication to finally rupture the periodical gates and compete with likes of Vanity Fair, Stuff and USWeekly. We’ll see if it pays off.”


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