Meyerowitz and Beauty.

From a BBC interview: Beauty out of tragedy

“When you saw it [Ground Zero] in the late afternoon light it was unbelievably beautiful, and getting your mind around the nature of beauty in a situation derived from a horrific act, how do you equate these two things? It was an issue for me.

“There were certainly people who have been offended by the nature of beauty in these images or at least questioned my intentions – it’s not supposed to be beautiful it’s supposed to be tragic, those people would like it to have been shot in black and white.

“Black and white is tragic because it doesn’t give you a blue sky!

“I didn’t make it beautiful, I had nothing to do with it. It’s just like that. I’m a realist, I just take pictures of reality.”

(I don’t believe that! -E) …

“When reality comes up and shines it on, if you’re not smart enough to take the picture, if you’re going to wait for it to go ugly that’s your problem.”

Shine it on!

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