More changes at Skidmore – SOM – Chicago

Shortly after the departure of Adrian Smith* ….

More changes are in store at Skidmore Owings and Merrill – Chicago.

< Lee Bey has resigned.

Lee directed Media and Governmental Affairs at SOM.

He is the Former Deputy Chief of Staff for Planning and Design in Chicago,
He’s said to be be leaving between now and the end of the year.

Lee is working on some architectural photography assignments, writing and he’ll continue teaching at the University of Illinois at Chicago and at the pride of Chicago – Archeworks.

Go say hi to Lee right now, at his fine website “the urban observer.”


*I spent the morning on an architectural jury with the very talented Gordon Gill – “sustainability is what I hang my hat on ” – gee, I hope it doesn’t fall! Gill also left Skidmore, to form Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill. He says their fledgling firm has received calls to design “zero-energy” buildings, like the one they designed while at Skidmore

for Pearl River, China. One of the developers is in Chicago, he is not asking for a tower. More to follow. -E

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