Aqua Tower

Much is made,
rightly so,
of Jeanne Gang,
Mark Schendel and Studio/Gang’s
design for

Aqua Tower.

It’ll be near the Chicago River and the lake, in a cluster of towers, some eighty stories of hotel rooms, apartments, condos and parking. Wow! The form is said to maximize the views, since it’s in a cluster of towers at “Lakeshore East ” – a new development increasingly displaying its blandness, which I suppose ‘Aqua’ is supposed to relieve.

The ~ $500 million Aqua residential tower, is due to begin rising near the sea by year’s end. I can’t wait to see it.

But looking at the great Reliance Building yesterday,

its facade seemed to undulate like water too.

How about the Monadanock?

That kind of undulates, doesn’t it? To maximize views.

And if Louis S’s Stock Exchange were here, we’d see the waves in it.

So what’s nice about Studio/Gang’s building is
it’s new, it’s today, it uses the latest technology,
but because it’s rational it fits in a tradition.

Save me the penthouse on the top,
it’d be perfect for me.
I’m feeling rather pent up.

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