A fine day in the suburbs.

After looking, and trying not to, at

I happened, not for the first time, onto

Helmut Jahn’s Shure, Inc. (Built as Ha-Lo)

It’s pretty


But the big surprise was

A low-slung addition. I’d also seen this before, even recently, but I guess I hadn’t been ready for it then. Or it hadn’t been ready for me. Or the light was wrong, or, well…

The addition to the Jahn is not spectacular. It is something else.

In here, engineers design new Shure microphones.

And as the sun set, and they went home for Thanksgiving,

I couldn’t tear myself away from the building.
I walked around it and listened,

and looked at how it met the original structure

respectfully. With a gap.

In the lobby and outside it felt quiet and peaceful.
I watched the sun set behind it, and come through it.

And then I got it. The building whispered to me who its father was.

Crown Hall .
The serenity in the Shure building springs out of
Crown Hall, the architecture school designed by Mies van der Rohe
at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Shure addition architects Ron Krueck and Mark Sexton know it well. They studied in, taught in and masterfully restored Crown Hall, not long ago.

Peace, in the suburbs,
Now I can have my Thanksgiving.
I hope yours is satisfying too.

-Mr. Edward Lifson

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