The Human Rights of the Eye! Pshaw. Grimshaw!

Here’s what happens when you try to build a train station in America.

Sir Nicholas Grimshaw is trying to build this

in New York. Near Ground Zero, at Fulton Street.

Looks pretty nice, I’d like to have it in my town. if I had to catch a train, or go into a subway, I’d like to first pass through this space filled with natural light.

Grimshaw has already designed and built

Waterloo station in London

and other fine projects.

But in New York, according to the Times

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s board members said they would

gladly sacrifice architectural beauty if it meant that subway riders could transfer between trains more easily.

“I won’t support a project like this that is going to discombobulate tens of thousands of passengers a day because you want to have a fancy roof,” said Barry L. Feinstein, a board member.

The Transit Board must cut because they’re still looking for $15 million to connect the subway lines with a walkway.

That’s why the beauty in Grimshaw’s design has to go.

The dome was initially designed to be 50 feet high, but it has already been scaled back to about 20 feet.

“We are not building cathedrals here” said Nancy Shevell Blakeman, the committee’s chairwoman.”

So what happened to the Human Rights of the Eye?

Anyone want to write a manifesto? (smile)

Waterloo photograph by Jay Berman

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