Calatrava Watch
Ire at the Spire

I used to give this thing about a
chance of being built,
but now I think it’s more

The leading civic organization in Streeterville slammed the revisions to architect Santiago Calatrava’s 2,000-foot-tall lakefront building Wednesday, adding political obstacles to the project’s immense economic challenges.” 12-14-06

Mr. C. has no luck in Chicago. Remember a few years back he was to design two pedestrian bridges over Lake Shore Drive between Buckingham Fountain and the lake? Those were squashed by the mayor.

And I’ve been wondering what Cala’s inspiration for this twisting tower might be, even though, everybody’s doin’ the dreaming and scheming. Zaha, SOM Ross Wimer, Ken, Y & S candies, and in Toronto, Moscow, and Bosnia, among other twists.

But I remember, in Calatrava’s homeland Spain, in many a cloister, seeing memorable

twisting columns, such as this one, at Burgos.

Of course my favorite is not in Spain, and not

in St. Peter’s, but rather, this beauty

in St. Severin in Paris.


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