Architecture presents for the kids.

Careful what you get ’em!

Although we lived in an ‘English Tudor’ house,
my parents got me

Ah, I can still see them now! I built towers in the basement. Thanks Mom and Dad! And now I live in

860 – 880 by Mies.

We know that Frank Lloyd Wright’s mother gave him

Froebel blocks.

He went on to design

So here’s what I want to know. Which architect’s Mom and Dad gave them


Nouvel? Gehry? Hejduk?

Nah, we can do better than that. I know that French set reminds me of a building, and I can’t think of which. Rossi? Graves? Post-modern something. Help! Which architect’s parents must have given him or her “le Jeu de Constructions?”

Happy Holidays,
-Edoardo (I also got nails, that was great too…) Lifson

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  1. rarenest Says:

    Oy Edwardo.

    A seasonal blog? Please.

    I’m sure there was an alienated seven year old kid at Giza kicking sandstone scraps.

    The Doric column was a stone version of papyrus reeds tied into bundles. “Here kid, fresh reeds. Have a blast.”

    Imagine that building toys for children were comprised of scraps and leftovers from the workshop.

    Maybe Froebel’s crystallography and then your generation’s modulars were a strange intermediary to virtual and computer aided design.

    CADRE (which started in 1956-58) is the next step.

    Kids today have SIMS and virtual worlds that we cannot even conceive of.

    Houses (apartments/living spaces) in ten years will have completely different proportions.

    Just watch.

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