Rubber Sidewalks!

reports the Trib.

Put a bounce in your step! I like the idea. More comfort as you walk or bike or blade or skate or jog or…

And I’ve long thought that the ugliest thing in our cities and suburbs are our sidewalks. These new ones seem to have a more pleasing color, which like iPod colors could probably be easily varied! And the rectangle is smaller – about two by two and a half feet. The rectangle of a sidewalk should refer to a human stride, shouldn’t it? I hope these survive the winters. What else are we going to do with old car tires anyway?

Seattle is doing it! D.C. is doing it! Santa Monica started it! Boston may require all new sidewalks to be rubber. Here’s how they’re made. For now they cost about three times more than concrete but a lot of that is shipping charges so as more factories open the price will come down. Anyway they last a lot longer around tree roots.

photo: Chicago Tribune


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