Architecture is a marriage of the functional and the spritual, if the spaces we create do not move the heart and mind then they are surely only addressing one part of their function. Light is a good example. Any engineer can quantify the lumens required to brighten a passage or to read a book. But what about the poetic dimension of natural light: the changing nature of an overcast sky, the discovery of dappled shade, the intensity of a sunburst.”

-Norman Foster, from “Reflections.”

Sir Norman’s “personal statement about architecture, how it is understood and how it is perceived.” For Foster, the book reflects his belief that architecture is essentially a social art; a necessity and not a luxury; that it is generated by people’s needs, which are both spiritual and material. It has much to do with optimism, joy, and reassurance-of order in a disordered world, of privacy in the midst of many, of space in a crowded site, of light on a dull day. It is about quality – the quality of the space and the poetry of the light that models it.”

Thought I’d leave you with that, as we make disorder tonight.
Next year, perhaps we’ll return to order. We shall try.

If you’re in Chicago, today’s the last day for Bruce Mau’s exhibition, Massive Change at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Open until 5pm.

Hope to see you in ’07!
Happy, Healthy New Year to you and yours,

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