Magdalena Abakanowicz’s sculpture, Agora, in Grant Park. Is it supposed to rust like that? I know it’s cast iron, but, it doesn’t look good. And it’s even running onto the concrete.

I’m told initial rusting like this is normal for iron and that it should stop, and that the cast iron will stabilize as brownish (with some red, but not bright red) surface.

This all reminds me that years ago, when Chicago was on the way down, we put up the Picasso statue, in Cor-Ten steel. Made to rust. As the city was doing. But now Chicago’s beaming and the Kapoor “bean” in radiant stainless steel is our symbol. So why this?

Maybe Claes Oldenburg should design to erect nearby,
a large enough tube of ?

Non-rusty thoughts on Abakanowicz’ gory ‘Agora’ by clicking here.

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