Adrian talks, Myron displayed

Adrian Smith in Metropolis magazine on leaving Skidmore, setting up his own shop, and what he wants to do with it,

“Gordon (Gill) and I want to do research that we can apply to buildings, and we want to collaborate with the local Chicago universities, but we also want to work with organizations like Boeing, NASA, and others that can help advance the technology of energy-producing mechanisms. For example, there are a couple of usable wind-turbine devices for buildings, but they really aren’t ­optimum. Who else better than the airplane industry to help us develop a turbine?

And on what he learned from Skidmore greats,

“With Walter Netsch, I learned what not to do. (Laughs.) There was a strong rigor that Walter had that I think boxed me in to solutions that were not necessarily solutions that solved clients’ problems. I learned from Bruce how one can be innovative and yet responsive to a client. And I also learned some aspects of what not to do. He was very condescending to his clients at times. Myron Goldsmith was a man of few words, but when he said something, it really meant something. He had a huge influence on my character.

If you’re in Chicago between Febrary and April 13 see “Memories of Myron Goldsmith” at The Arts Club of Chicago – which you ought to see anyway. The exhibition will feature large-scale photographs of works by Goldsmith, ranging from the Cook County Administration Building (facing Chicago’s Picasso statue) to

the Republic newspaper building in Columbus, Indiana.

And I love to link to the Art Institute’s oral histories,
here’s Myron Goldsmith’s.
I find them invaluable, and lively reading!


Top photo from Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

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