“He don’t know his glass from a …..

Visiting a loved one tonight I saw this

cutting board.

My cutting boards are made of wood, so this intrigued me. The owner is in her seventies, and lives a “modern” life. I think to her, a wooden cutting board would be too “old world.”

Alas, in my estimation, a cutting board of glass is not a great design idea. The glass does not have the bit of give that wood has when a knife blade meets it. And cutting on glass makes a devilish racket.

Which got me to thinking. In the modern era, we use glass for walls. That seems to be an appropriate use for it. But when and where do you we use glass to be “modern” when it’s inappropriate?

I seem to remember that someone, an American I think, gave Pablo Picasso a painter’s palette made of glass. And I seem to remember Picasso just laughed when he talked about this. He said something to the effect that it’s an interesting idea to make a palette out of glass, but completely impractical. I think he said that if you tried to mix your paints on it, you’d see right through it to the colors of the floor or the room and you wouldn’t know what color paint you were getting!

So now I’m wondering, to what other uses do we put glass – to be modern – that maybe we ought not? How many of these have I broken?

Well just one actually, but that’s because I never bought another one like it again. Isn’t it just asking to be broken?

And finally, when I took the top photo with my camera/phone, the woman whose house it was said, “that’s not for your blog, is it?” 🙂
I said, “yes it is” and here it is already.

And dinner was delicious. Fish on glass noodles.


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