A womb with a view

I love this image of a cooling tower.
Anybody know where it is?
It has that sexy shape

Reminds me also of a maypole, which is very sexy, ja Sigmund? Or the structure of

a hoop dress – an exciting structure – which reminds me of

the Reichstag dome (which gives new meaning to the ventilator inside it.)

It shows that the state is the protector, in Berlin above, and at London’s City Hall,

or under any dome.

Isn’t it all just a modern version of

the medieval protectress?

Does this show a wish to go back to the womb?

The dome over the U.S. Capitol telegraphs its symbolism

with a statue of a woman on top

“Armed Freedom.”

If it were carved in modern times we might have as a mascot

“Armed and Legged Freedom.”


‘Dome’, from ‘domus’, which means house.

hoop dress photos from “The Consolation of Poetry” by Barbara Neri.
(1st photo: Glenn Bering, 2nd photo: Phil Linsalata)

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