Bears vs. Colts. Who wins the Super Bowl

of lighting-the-town?

Here’s Chicago:

The John Hancock gets high marks for the navy blue, orange and white about 100 stories in the sky. C’mon Indianapolis, let’s see you top that!

The Wrigley looks regal (left.) Tribune Tower isn’t in the game.

Here, you see it better up close. And that’s Donald Trump’s new Tower encroaching on the left.

One South Dearborn looks jazzy beaming out over Michigan Avenue.

Years ago, Saul Bellow wrote, “I am an American, Chicago-born. Chicago, that somber city…

Somber no more!

Even da bridgehouses

look snazzy, rootin’ for da Bears.

211 Wacker does a lot with just a few colored lightbulbs.

But it takes more than just a few filaments to light

a building biggger than a football field,

or two. The Merchandise Mart.

And then – our lions. Guarding our cultural treasures inside the Art Institute. They were due to have Bears helmets slapped on them today. (Why? To show that museums are not stuffy places? What do winning sports teams have to do with the preservation of and contemplation of sublimity in a museum?) But the helmets were too small and in the very cold weather they’d have cracked if they’d been forced on. So the lions – and the Art Institute – keep their dignity for one more day.

So I declare Chicago the winner of the Super Bowl Lighting Derby

C’mon Indianapolis ?! Beat that.

bottom photo: Chicago Tribune

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