From “Memories of Myron Goldsmith. ” At the Arts Club of Chicago. Through April 13th. 201 E. Ontario Street.

The pristine nature of the projects shows such faith.

It opened last night. It was wonderful to feel Myron Goldsmith’s sensitive, kindly, optimistic and enquiring spirit (I never met the man), pervade the room, in his buildings, and in his friends.

A high point for me was to see and have a nice conversation with

George Danforth. George was a classmate of Myron Goldsmith at IIT; both studied with Mies when he arrived in 1938, and then worked closely with him. George is one of the finest gentlemen I’ve known.

A perfect evening. Even if the
cake served, looked more like

it came from Zaha than Myron.


top photo: United Airlines Wash and Maintenance Hangar, San Francisco, CA. 1958
SOM, Myron Goldsmith, and James Ferris
Photograph by Hedrich Blessing and Myron Goldsmith,
courtesy of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.

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