Bruce Mau moving closer to Chicago’s Jolly Green Mayor! That’s the plan?

We had this back in November.
At the time Bruce Mau Design’s VP for Development commented,

Just a rumour, but we can’t deny that we’re looking to expand in the US imminently and that, yes, Chicago is a logical outpost, for five million reasons.
Great blog by the way.

Jim Shedden
VP, Development
Bruce Mau Design

And now it can be told. The Toronto Star reports that Bruce Mau Design will open a Chicago office before the end of June. [via] Interesting article for many reasons.

“Sources say there are other factors that make Chicago attractive. Increasingly since 9/11 high-end clients and partners prefer not to cross the border for a meeting. And Mau was seduced when Chicago, unlike his hometown, embraced Massive Change during its run at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art last year.

“The light went on for both of us when we saw how everyone in Chicago, including the mayor, the artists and senior management teams, embraced Bruce,” says Mau’s business partner, Miles Nadal.
Mau and his wife, Aiyemobisi Williams, have told friends they are shopping for a house in Chicago and looking for schools for their three children.

According to Joanne Balles Crosbie, president of Bruce Mau Design, the idea of moving his family to Chicago is under consideration but has not been finalized. And the firm will keep its Toronto office open even if Mau does not reside here.”

And the word is his firm will work with Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley on the 2009 centennial celebration of the publication of Daniel Burnham‘s “The Plan of Chicago.”

Lynn gets it right, as usual,

“If Mau is expecting the type of fawning he received here to continue in perpetuity, he’ll be in for rude awakening. Chicago, ultimately, is a tough town, with an allergy for puffery no matter how well intentioned. Massive Change was Mau’s Chicago romantic courtship. …

Still, Chicago was built by people who grew tired of where they came from and fell in love with the city, in all its contradictions. Think Sullivan, Mies, Daniel Burnham. If Mau can disenthrall himself from the flatterers – sycophancy is one of Chicago’s baser failings – and really engage the city, warts and all, he could be the next name in that line.”

I know we’re going to see “green” sprout all over here. So the time is right for Mau, now. Daley‘s Dad, Richard I, was content to just

turn the river green once a year and talk about workers downtown one day fishing in it for their lunches. That hasn’t quite happened yet, but, his son the current Mayor wants to turn the whole city green!

Not like this, I mean as in sustainable architecture….
(You know he’s Irish-American, born on Arbor Day – Richard M. Daley)

Good idea. And Mau has a few good ideas too.


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