What did Frank Lloyd Wright tell the artists of Disney?

This is not a joke! Click lloyd right (here), to find out. [via]
or easier to read transcripts here.

He told them,

“As I understand our modern architecture, it is more nearly Oriental than Occidental.”


“I am not a Communist. I love my country.”

He was asked,

“Do you find it is true that there are a number of people who are not willing to accept modern architecture in the same way that (they) are not willing to accept modern music?”

and he answered,

“It is just because they are ignorant because of their ignorance and stupid because of their ignorance. They don’t know and they just can’t see and why worry about it?”

And this FLW pearl of wisdom,

“Culture is what this country needs now. Culture brings something from within outwards. Education takes something and tries to stick it on from the outside. Education tries to tell you and culture shows you. Best of all, show by being.”


“If you drive a modern car in front of a Colonial house, you insult either the car or the house every time you do it.”

So where would Wright drive this beauty? The car I mean.

He’d drive it front of any one of his own buildings, no doubt. Where else?

Photo from the same Frank Lloyd Wright website of a float designed by Frank Lloyd Wright! for the 1957 Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena.

Wright, who made his home in the Valley in 1957, agreed to design the float for the city at no cost after a small committee from the Phoenix Junior Chamber of Commerce approached him at Taliesin West. Wright was 90 at the time. The float was built for $6,000. Parade judges were impressed, and they awarded the “First in Sunshine” float first prize in its category!


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