Have you always driven or jogged past the Elks National Veterans Memorial in Lincoln Park in Chicago and never gone in? This guy must have stopped in there for a while, to capture what it looks like in 360 degree VR. Make sure you move your cursor to see the ceiling. Then watch it rotate!
-E for Elks


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  1. Robert Says:

    Edward thanks for the link and compliment on my work.

    I should add, the Elk’s have free
    visitor parking on the south side of the memorial, and while you should give a donation, it’s not required. The memorial is open 7 days a week too, normal business hours – whatever those are anymore in this 24/7 world.

    There really is no excuse to not stop in and take a tour of one of Chicago’s Great Rooms. I’m working on more of these, if you know of one(s), let me know and I’ll add them to my “To Shoot” list

    And a bit of architectural trivia. I believe the dome is modeled after the Pantheon, or at least it was used for inspiration. The dome and floor are very similar right down to the symbol of the sun at it’s peak. Can’t really have a hole at the top with Chicago’s climate now can we?

    So, go see a great room in Chicago and take your out-of-town friends! Chicago is second to none when it comes to architecture and place.



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