Adrian’s Thrilla

A rendering of Burj Dubai, “Tower Dubai”,
designed by Adrian Smith.

Adrian is on my radio show, Hello Beautiful! this week.

In the comments, ‘spyguy’, said…

“If you’re still taking requests, when will Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill’s website launch and do they have any developers courting them for new projects in Chicago?” 1:53 PM

Here’s a sneak preview, spyguy,

They do have Chicago developers courting them, one for a project near Bertrand Goldberg’s River City, it would bring the river into the courtyards of the building and create new marinas with public access! It’d be a very “green” project with wind turbines and the like.

Another possible project in Chicago would also be a tower on the river. And they’re designing a tower near their inspired Burj Dubai tower. About 70 stories. Low for them! Burj Dubai of course will be about 160 stories.

Their website will launch within weeks.

And there’s a great new book

The Architecture of Adrian Smith, SOM: Toward a Sustainable Future

It’s thick, comprehensive and includes his thoughts on the processes of winning commissions, designing and building. Plus his thoughts on sustainability, contextualism and much more.

And get this, in the interview he convinces me that there’s much to look forward to in his rising, rising ever rising Trump Tower Chicago! But even Adrian says he wishes the glass were slightly different, and that he had specified better glass. Trump saved about $2 million and Adrian and the rest of us have to settle for what we get.

I very much enjoyed my talk with Adrian Smith. And looking through the new book, you wonder from where comes such prodigious talent for sensitive design.


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