Mark di Suvero, works and the man, in Millennium Park – Chicago

Who’s the guy chilling in Millennium Park?

Why, it’s the artist himself – Mark di Suvero. He’s up when there’s work to be done.

You load sixteen tons, and whadya get? Yoga is the name of the sculpture.
It features a (moving in the wind) Pantheon-like oculus. These heavy, heavy beams turn gracefully in the wind.

Mark di Suvero.

His works are going up in Millennium Park. In the Boeing (outdoor) Galleries. 5 of them.

Three went up today, the one above, and Shang

and Rust Angel

I like the color. It goes with the colorful faces on the Crown Fountain; and color is always welcome in the park.

All of the di Suvero’s are on access with Cloud “The Bean” Gate, which is a fine juxtaposition. Metal/metal, but highly polished/not and sensuous curves/industrial and harder lines. Each informs the other and helps you appreciate it.

Another difference is, “the Bean” is extremely photogenic. di Suvero’s works are not. You have got to experience them. You must walk through them, and touch them, and then they talk to you – or sometimes they sing adn make music. They tell you how they’re constructed and how what looks so heavy can also float and how they don’t have a center point where you think it might be. What’s not there is as important as what is. Their raw, visceral, sweet power looks great in Millennium Park. I’ll write more about them soon.

And you’re supposed to have fun with them.

Watching them go up today was even sexy. It was such beautiful weather I had to pull myself away from the park. Two more go up tomorrow.

They’ll be there for nearly a year. Lucky us.

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