860 – 880 Lake Shore Drive by Mies van der Rohe –
7+ million dollar restoration project

Just wanted to update you, and tell you where we stand.

Per the trustees, the following architects responded to our
Request For Proposal

Booth Hansen, Epstein, Gunny Harboe, Holabird & Root,
Krueck & Sexton, and Vinci/Hamp.

Gensler, and Fujikawa Johnson Gobel rejected our proposal.

After we choose an architect, the roof and exterior painting projects could start as soon as in August. The work on the travertine plaza

and lobby window wall would start next spring.

I wrote more about it here and here.

Stay tuned,

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  1. Nicholas Says:

    I’m a resident in the building, and have always been curious as to why we always seem to be lagging behind our neighbors on the technology front. I think that we should be investing more in communicating to the world as an association than we have. One would think that the minimal investment required (certainly when comparing to the massive investment we are about to undertake) to inform the wider world who we are would be well worth the effort. There are numerous unofficial websites out there, though none are as thoughtful, informative, or well composed as what the 900-910 folks have on, arguably, a less noteworthy work. Considering this, our effort at communication could begin with documenting the process of our regeneration. Undoubtedly, much great material will unearthed by the preservationists in their efforts to accurately restore our homes. Finally, there is no reason why our neighbors to the north should be allowed to have the last word on our homes, or why their property values should continue to out pace ours through, I would contend in part, by their well managed, and carefully planned marketing strategies.

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