Britney naked ???
The ugliest piece of art at the Chicago fairs

Daniel Edwards
Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston

“A nude Britney Spears on a bearskin rug while giving birth to her firstborn marks a ‘first’ for Pro-Life. Pop-star Britney Spears is the “ideal” model for Pro-Life, … in what is proclaimed the first Pro-Life monument to birth.

Dedication of the life-sized statue celebrates the recent birth of Spears’ baby boy, Sean, and applauds her decision of placing family before career.”

Politics aside, it’s hideous. In ways I’m sure it does not intend, but Jeff Koons might, it reminds me of

“Michael Jackson and Bubbles,” by Jeff Koons,

What a couple they’d make.
-Ees materials provided by Manhattan Right To Life Committee.

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