Greetings from sunny L.A.!

I’m here in far-out LA at a USC Annenberg / Getty Fellowship
with the fab Sasha Anawalt. In fact I write this from the University of Southern California Digital Media lab. We’re listening to the one and only Douglas McLennan of ArtsJournal. com – the single best site on the web for my money. But Doug is so much more than just that site – classical pianist, lived in Rome and China, and is launching many exciting new projects, some with audio and video components. Is he the next American media mogul? Right now he’s trying to convince each of the fellows to start a blog. Because, he says,

1. There will be a business model for this, and
2. You’ll be involved in conversations that interest you and others interested in the same topic will find you.

He’s also reviving, in a new, different form – NAJP – the National Arts Journalism Program. Look for news in about two weeks.

I’ll post more about what we’re doing as time allows – but I warn you, they run us hard. (Awww… =] )

Every time I come to L.A. I’m impressed with, believe it or not, the lush public space here. Lots of nice small public areas, many with fountains, many away from the traffic, scattered all about. The problem is with few pedestrians, not many people stop to sit in most of them.

Tonight we see Eschenbach and the Philadelphia Orchestra at Disney Hall. Dang! I didn’t get that ticket to the taping of American Idol.

But Disney Hall is one of the most beautiful spots in the world. And the stainless steel gleamed gorgeous under today’s grey sky.
Wish you were here.


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