More Morphosis. Thom Mayne & Morphosis will open a New York office by August.

Morphosis is working near and Phare.

That’s a model and a rendering of the “Phare” Tower in Paris. Mayne told me, half-in-jest, that with it he “betrayed his own principles” by making “Phare” more sensual since it’s in Paris.

For contrast, here’s Mayne and Morphosis’ Caltrans in L.A.

A little less sensual, more cerebral. Which stands out in very sensual, curvy L.A.

His firm is also cooking up social housing for Madrid.

There’s Mayne, back to his angular self. And this project is also very Corbusian, it’s a contemporary HLM, with gardens in the low-rise portion. The firm has another social housing project for Malaga in early design stages; and another large planning project in Madrid.

They say they’ll announce more European work soon. And in the U.S., in addition to the new academic building for Cooper Union in New York,

they’ll announce more work on the east coast of the US. Kind of nice to receive a Pritzker Prize, no?

Thom Mayne told me, “Our work is becoming equally balanced between west coast, east coast and Europe. The New York office will let us service each project more readily becuase of the time zone differences.” He said he’ll split his time between the offices. He’s been renting an apartment on Manhattan but is looking to buy.

Morphosis has chosen Chelsea for its NY office, in the mid 20’s, on the west side – very near the Fashion Institute. A little different than Santa Monica where, for now, the Phare Tower is still evolving.

And as he contemplates his move, Mayne says Santa Monica will remain headquarters.


Thanks to the USC / Annenberg Getty fellowship for the visit to my Mayne man in Santa Monica.

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