It’s not King Tut’s tomb, or Al Capone’s vault, but…

The first stone is removed at 860-880 Lake Shore Drive, for plaza restoration.

Many more will come up.

Why are we doing this?

You see the sad state of the many years old travertine.

And we’ll repair the corrosion underneath that is causing lobby glass to crack

After years in the sun and Chicago winters,

-they could use a little painting.

Here’s to a great restoration. Can’t wait to see it.
Remember, these photos focus on what needs to be fixed. What’s interesting is that even with this normal wear and tear of the decades, these buildings still look great.

Is that clear? (smile) Looks like it.


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  1. Box Says:

    Your last photograph and comment in the series say much. For all the wear and tear — the cracked travertine, the faded paint, the oxidizing metal — the buildings remain undeniably beautiful, the intent and power of the original design clear.

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