A Wright is a Wright is a Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright fifty-one years ago,
at Pasadena’s Tournament of Roses.

This year, the most modernist float I saw at the Rose Parade was from Illinois again!
(I’m claiming FLW for Illinois. And this year, the University of Illinois was apparently in the Rose Bowl.)

Reminded me of that gas station on Clark street, near North Avenue in Chicago. The “Archway Amoco.” (photo coming.) It’s now a BP. Which reminded me that there’s a nicely-designed BP in LA, called Helios House – by Office dA. BP’s first gas station to be LEED-certified in the United States.

And of course, Mr. Wright himself designed gas stations.

I wish Pasadena’s Tournament of Roses, or the city of Phoenix, would have recreated Wright’s float for this year’s fiftieth anniversary of it.

Happy New Year!

One Response to “A Wright is a Wright is a Wright.”

  1. Mark Says:

    After finally getting to visit Taliesin West last month that float is so much more impressive. Better than anything I saw this year, yawn..

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