Meet Charles and Ray Eames and their new lounge chair!

Priceless. And the sexism!

The debut of the Eames Lounge Chair on NBC in 1956.

Part 2: Watch them build the Eames Lounge Chair at the the end.

So down to earth.

The host, Arlene Francis quotes:

“Eames’ desire to move freely in a world of enormous and unlimited possibilities is combined with a very accurate sense of discrimination and taste, which of course we always see. This is an ability to select among the unlimited possibilities and return considerable richness to the world.”

I remember the first time I went to New York I saw Arlene Francis. I was amazed at the glamor with which she carried herself. She was dressed in the latest yet timeless fashion; I remember more necklace than I’d ever seen before, or what was there was very good. Her every hair held fast where it belonged and seemed like it always would, in public. Her half-from-within, half-affixed smile showed more confidence than I’d ever seen in the Midwest. She was only hailing a cab, but I was about eleven, and it was Park Avenue, near Lever House, and the Seagram Building.


One Response to “Meet Charles and Ray Eames and their new lounge chair!”

  1. Jake Says:

    Arlene Francis is quite annoying, and Ray Eames (Mrs. Eames haha) is quite gracious in spite of the condescending sexism at work in the video. The Eames were, as I understand it, equal partners whose individual talents complemented each other quite nicely. What a time. I liked the woman sitting at the feet of the man in the construction video too. Nice!

    I have many Eames Chairs including an original straw colored fiberglass rar rocker. I wouldn’t trade any of these masterpieces for anything in the world.

    They were the best designers of all time–period!

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