Chicago looking good

Trump Tower is rising high above what’s around it. Chicago’s example of the super-tall buildings we’re seeing around the world. (The Chicago Spire is still a hole in the ground.)

More on Chicago’s Trump Tower soon. I admit, this suave, marine-influenced art moderne retro tower is looking better than we thought it would.

2 Responses to “Chicago looking good”

  1. Mike Kelly Says:

    I haven’t seen the Trump Tower yet first hand. I’m glad to hear that it’s looking better than you thought it would, but I’m still concerned about how it will relate to Mies’ IBM building and the Marina Towers. Even if the old Sun-Times building wasn’t striking in and of itself, the trio (actually quartet) of buildings there on the river’s bend was a perfect example of how buildings should interact visually.

  2. Edward Lifson Says:

    Hello Mike,
    I’ll have more on Trump soon, with many more photos. It is oversized, that’s true. You make a good point that even if the Sun-Times building was bad architecture, it was of a similar scale as the Wrigley building.

    But I wonder, and I’d like to find out, how people felt when the IBM went up. (I remember the great and forward-thinking critic Ada-Louise Huxtable praised it hugely.) Perhaps it seemed out of scale to people too. Perhaps we just get used to these things, no matter how large and “faceless” they get. I don’t know. I do know that too much contemporary architecture is overscaled. And I do know that it is possible, although difficult economically, to design mega-projects on a more human scale.

    As I said, more on this soon. Thanks for your comment!

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