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L.A. Earthquake


I have just arrived here, in this land of movers and shakers. And already, an earthquake. More to come?

I’ll be writing on architecture and city design from here.

Thanks to an Annenberg Fellowship in the Specialized Journalism of Arts and Architecture, at the University of Southern California.

A friend once told me that I am the only person she knows who can look at a building until it begins to dance.  I thought of that after I saw the walls where I’m staying wave at me.   

But I’ll be here at least one year, if Los Angeles agrees to remain standing.

Any tips? Do you think I’ll like it here?


From Cambridge to LA


On my way to LA.
So I thought I’d say “see you soon” to some of my favorite Boston and Cambridge spots. Here’s the Saarinen chapel at MIT. Don’t the electric lights above the altar look like a blue LA sky?

Poetry and Architecture


Me, I’m a minimalist.

And I’ve always liked the spare poetry of Kay Ryan.
Today she was named the 16th Poet Laureate of
the United States.
Congratulations Kay Ryan.
A poem of hers, reminds me of a place I like.

Shark’s Teeth

Everything contains some
Silence. Noise gets
Its zest from the
Small shark’s tooth-
Shaped fragments
Of rest angled in it. An hour
Of city holds maybe a minute of these
Remnants of a time
When silence reigned, compact and dangerous
As a shark. Sometimes a bit of a tail
Or fin can still
Be sensed in parks.

Reminds me of this “rhyme”

Mies’ great Farnsworth House, a retreat from the city,
“compact and dangerous”
and Damien Hirst‘s shark.