L.A. Earthquake

I have just arrived here, in this land of movers and shakers. And already, an earthquake. More to come?

I’ll be writing on architecture and city design from here.

Thanks to an Annenberg Fellowship in the Specialized Journalism of Arts and Architecture, at the University of Southern California.

A friend once told me that I am the only person she knows who can look at a building until it begins to dance.  I thought of that after I saw the walls where I’m staying wave at me.   

But I’ll be here at least one year, if Los Angeles agrees to remain standing.

Any tips? Do you think I’ll like it here?



7 Responses to “L.A. Earthquake”

  1. QiQi Says:

    Don’t worry. I think you will like it. I am taking my summer internship here in LA, and i really enjoy staying here.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Didn’t you also have an earthquake while in China? Remind me not to get too close to you in the future.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Didn’t you also start an earthquake in China?


  4. Edward Lifson Says:

    I did not start the one in China, it occurred while I was en route. This one did shake right after I arrived…. but come on Jake…. =] Good to hear from you, -E

  5. Edward Lifson Says:

    Hello QiQi, I write you from in the Valley. Oh Boy! More soon, thanks for the lift, I hope you enjoy this all too, best regards, -Edward

  6. Anonymous Says:

    There is a lot to be found…Take your time and do not compare LA to…where ever…engage the LA on LA’s terms….enjoy…I have (as a transient visitor) over the last 33 years…I think it keeps getting better and more relevant…Look for the victory gardens in downtown and Hollywood…savor the collection of people, food, and goods at the Farmer’s Market (forget the Grove except to park) and the Grand Central Market…watch the interaction of cultures on Venice Beach…observe the differances of all the beach towns…soak in the passing of time at Tony’s (the one on the south side of the pier) with an order of oysters rockefellar on Redondo Beach pier…look at all of the art everywhere…enjoy the quantity and quality of the shops Everywhere)…have a gas driving the canyons at night…stroll segments of Ventura Blvd…marvel at the old and new Getty Villa…I can and have gone on…I have and will keep visiting… and eventually root in LA…Chicago is my home…but LA embraces my heart.

  7. QiQi Says:

    OMG, we are the same. I went back to China on May 12th American time, and I heard of the earthquake in China before I got on the plane, and the whole country was in a sad mood when I got off the plane. So this time, I kinda felt bad for LA earthquake. Seriously? Do I have that big power?:P I hope not.

    Good luck, Edward:)

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