From darkness to light

Needing a return to beauty

I’ll post SAANA’s project Torre Neruda.

Click to better its beauty. I think Pablo Neruda would be pleased.

Tower Of Light

O tower of light, sad beauty
that magnified necklaces and statues in the sea,
calcareous eye, insignia of the vast waters, cry
of the mourning petrel, tooth of the sea, wife
of the Oceanian wind, O separate rose
from the long stem of the trampled bush
that the depths, converted into archipelago,
O natural star, green diadem,
alone in your lonesome dynasty,
still unattainable, elusive, desolate
like one drop, like one grape, like the sea.

Pablo Neruda

On this twenty-five story speculative office tower the top three floors will be reserved for full-floor residences. One meter setbacks as the building rises. This creates terraces. Reminds one of SANAA’s New Museum in New York, and like it, this will have some perforated aluminum on the facade. I think I’d prefer the skin of this one which seems to have more glass than they could put on a museum. (Although they do pretty well with glass at the Glass Pavilion of the Toledo Museum of Art, but again, that’s not meant to contain paintings.) In Guadalajara the windows will slide open. This pure beauty should be always good to look at in the strong sun and changing light of Guadalajara.

Torre Neruda
Guadalajara, Mexico.
Design 2007 – 2008. Construction 2008 – 2009


2 Responses to “From darkness to light”

  1. Polka Dot Says:

    a beauty cube, the sugar whim the seductive splendor of supple sweet taste expressing triumphant walking through only a meter of space.
    exploring the gravity of a pound.

    Simply with white and glass to astound from the ground.,

    what a lovely homage to an inca’n temple, and a modern stack of blocks, erected to form a masterpiece for our sterile time.

  2. Edward Lifson Says:

    a lovely comment
    from an unknown
    polka dot

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