The High School that ate Los Angeles?

Is this the new Los Angeles Performing Arts High School after climate change?

Nope, today was dry and clear and the high school shone.

C-monster had posted the sea photo, responding to my visual rhymes of the high school.

CurbedLA readers said “Buck Rogers High,”

Looks like a Junior High School Trekkie designed a land base for the Enterprise.

Bad Gehry … or, rather Gehry.

i think this building achieved the impossible to look like “nothing”! it’s in a class of it’s own.

i really thought it was a water slide the first time i saw it.

Epcot center after an earthquake?

The tower and ramp remind me of a dis-assembled matchbox car track…

Battlestar Gallactica High

Looks like where Snake Plissken got released (in Escape from L.A.)

what if they connect the slide across the freeway and in to the cathedral tower?

Yes, waterslide, Magic Mountain… But the juxtaposition to Le Cathedral across the freeway is fabulous – could only happen in LA as a statement of the great divide – religion versus creativity. Yesterday versus tomorrow.


The juxtaposition with the Cathedral across the freeway is fabulous.

Remember Rock ’em Sock ’em robots?


Does it look like Wolf Prix / Coop Himmelb(l)au’s tower packs a punch?


One Response to “The High School that ate Los Angeles?”

  1. C-Mon Says:

    ooooh. love the godzilla….

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