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Awaiting the requiem of winter’s snows

It’s been a rather snowless December in Chicago, not like during my youth. Louis Sullivan’s words come to mind,

A summer has departed: – never that summer to return; a great life has passed into the tomb, and there, awaits the requiem of winter’s snows.

My friend the Sullivan expert Tim Samuelson tells me to visit Graceland Cemetery after a snow, to find this

Louis Sullivan’s tomb for Martin Ryerson. Tim describes how it’s designed so the snow gently gathers in those curves by the ground. Appropriate for a tomb, no?

I’m reminded of how the Japanese put little sculptures in their gardens, with curved roofs, to catch the snow, to display its whiteness and exalt its snow-ness.

I’ll meet you there.


*from a prose-poem by Louis Sullivan called “Inspiration.”