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Bruce Mau Kowtow?

What’s going on here? Bruce Mau and his gang, along with Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, placed an insert in today’s New York Times in the Chicago region.

In it they they praise Mayor Daley.

“Mayor Richard Daley is known for his heavy-duty green stripes.”

And of course, at the Massive Change and the City: Global Visionaries Symposium
On Saturday, November 18, 2006 Mayor Daley will present each speaker with a City of Chicago Global Visionaries Award. (What’s that? lol)

So it’s a love fest.

Good for Daley. And I’m glad he’s finally abandonning his blue bag recycling program – it never worked. Now he needs to improve public transit here.

And, do we agree? Bruce Mau loves text. He loves words. He loves layout. You see it in the exhibition and you see it in this very unusual ad in today’s paper. Ours is an image society. His ad stands out like a page for the New York Times 100 years ago. From the days when people read. If Bruce Mau can teach us to read again, more power to him.

Is that what he wants? Most who think on the ambitious scale that does – seek power.


Here’s another fine take on the Mau show.