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First tram in Paris since 1937!

The year Picasso unveiled Guernica, at the Paris International Exposition.

Why trams again? The City Government says,

“The ambition of the City of Paris is … for the health and well-being of the inhabitants, to reduce the space given to the automobile, to diminish pollution and noise.”

And in a poll cited by the city, a high percentage of Parisians agree.
They want to reduce the space given to the automobile.
To me, that’s the key to a great city.
So people can meet each other and exchange ideas.

Text in French and images here. Looks nice, it runs through the southern arrondisements,

the 13th, the 14th, and the 15th. Through areas that most tourists wouldn’t go through.

The T3 line
commence December 16th.

All aboard this kind of thinking!


Now if we could just do something about their Foreign Policy …. !