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The Arpino Box at the Auditorium Theater

The Joffrey has been performing at the Auditorium Theater by Louis Sullivan since about 1969. It’s one of the greatest houses in the world to see dance, celestial from the moment you enter. Since the Joffrey moved to Chicago in 1995 the Auditorium has been its home. And one man has seen all or nearly all of the Joffrey’s performances there, and from the same box – the one closest to the stage, house right. He is the Joffrey’s Artistic Director, Gerald Arpino.

Last night’s performance at the Auditorium began the wind-down of the two-year fiftieth anniversary celebration of the Joffrey. It’s been announced that Arpino will become Artistic Director Emeritus and an international search will begin to find his successor.

So last night, before the dance, first, a short excerpt was added to the program from Gerald Arpino’s Olympics of 1966 (complete with torch and flame) to celebrate winning the bid to become the U.S. choice to win the 2016 games.

And then a spotlight shone on Arpino sitting in his box and an announcement was made that it shall be named after him.