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Don’t miss this –

The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow.

A play with an absolutely bravura performance by Jennifer Shin.* A story that has meaning. A complex, interwoven, smart script. Emotional pull. High energy. Fabulous live score with guitar and computers. Insight into youth.

This play by Rolin Jones was a finalist for the 2006 Pulitzer Prize in Drama.

At base it might be about, “What will the Chinese girls that so many Americans adopt think when they get older?” I find that interesting to think about. But the intelligent script of The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow covers a lot more ground than that. It’s about finding your self, reconnecting, ambition, identity, and love.

Jenny Chow will shake you up. I couldn’t talk afterwards.
When’s the last time a piece of art did that to you?


A little later I’ll post a bit more on this year’s superb ArtChicago. If you haven’t gone yet, the fair ends this afternoon.Even the fashion show was fun and top quality last night . Photos to follow!


*Her performance reminded me of the young John Leguizamo in Spic-o-rama


ArtChicago / Artropolis & ….

More than five art fairs in Chicago this weekend!

Art Chicago, The International Antiques Fair, The Artist Project, The Intuit Show, and Bridge Art Fair.

Paul Klein of Art Letter offers a fine guide.
Here’s the list of galleries at ArtChicago.

Will ArtChicago rise from the ashes? Can the city support a great fair? Will people buy, will dealers return, can we compete with the sexy still hot Art Basel Miami? We’ll soon have some indications when ArtChicago opens tomorrow night.

Plus, in a large tent in front of the Merchandise Mart, a performing arts component!

Thursday, 9:30 p.m. The Joffrey Ballet
Friday, 7:30 p.m. ‘Art Music’ by Fulcrum Point
Saturday, 5 p.m. Anna Deavere Smith
Saturday, 7:30 pm Hubbard Street Dance Company
Sunday, 6:30 pm Blanc International Fashion Show
Monday, 12:30 pm The Chicago Chamber Musicians

click here for full schedules and more information.

Good excuse to get in this lovely photo, seen on buses and subway entrances about town, of the Joffrey’s Light Rain.