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Make yourself at home with Alvar Aalto!

Last week I walked through Aalto’s great Baker Dormitory at MIT,
and I had to take this photo (without the guy seeing me; yes it was a male!)
to show how the students live in Aalto’s masterpiece.

Then I got home, in Chicago, and leafing through the catalog for my favorite auction house.
Look what I saw!

var icollvar_mainpic = null, icollvar_ebaymainpic = null;icollvar_mainpic = icollfunc_getelement(‘icoll_images_mainimage’);icollvar_ebaymainpic = icollfunc_getelement(‘mainPicture’); = ‘none’; = ‘block’;function icoll_changeimage(imgurl){ if(icollvar_mainpic != null){ icollvar_mainpic.src = imgu“Alvar Aalto shelving for Baker Dormitory at MIT Svenska Artek Finland, c. 1948 birch 58 w x 34.5 d x 98 h inches. This shelving system was designed by Aalto for the senior’s dormitory at MIT in Cambridge, MA.
Estimate: $4000 – 6000.”

Now you wanna pick up your clothes? Just kidding. I think it’s great the guy’s so comfortable!