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World Architecture Festival



On last Sunday’s show Larry Booth said he was just back from that dynamic city, and that he was impressed with their design quality. Look at this list, which includes the new Agbar Tower there, the colorful gherkin in the photo above. (Like Foster’s gherkin in London, seen in the fine new Woody Allen flick Matchpoint.) Click on that gorgeous photo to see the blues, reds, greens, greys and forty other colors mixed in with whites. Reminds you of Gaudi, no? But done in 60,000 sheets of clear and frosted glass. What do you think? And how would something like that look here? Or is it a more Mediterranean-style building? Could look nice along the Chicago River? Certainly lighting is being taken to new highs, in Europe and Asia particularly, and Agbar is a good example.

Renzo Piano, who is designing the new wing of the Art Institute is represented too on this best-of list, with his museum addition in Atlanta.

And if you’re just joining us via the great GAPERS **** BLOCK, welcome!