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Things I plan to blog about soon.

Update! I do blog about Agora,
many fine posts, here.

The Abakanowicz sculpture going up in Grant Park. “Agora.”

106 9 foot tall headless, armless dark, cast-iron figures with rough textures. She says as a child she went into the forest to look at trees. That’s part of her inspiration. So why not plant 106 trees? And why that concrete base? Probably the choice of the city, not hers. The figures would be more effective ‘walking’ on the ground.

“The Missing Peace.” Art for the Dalai Lama. Opened tonight at LUMA – the Loyola University Museum of Art – by the Water Tower. Nice work in it by Laurie Anderson and Bill Viola and Jenny Holzer. But are some or all of the works in this exhibition at a University art museum for sale?

The Chicago Humanities Festival
Starts October 28.

Where does the time go?

Photo of “Magdalena Abakanowicz and Agora” by Jenny Lawton