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Palm trees around the “Monadnock?! “

Here’s Chicago’s

And in sunny southern California, Henry Cobb will give us this

“The architecture was inspired by the Monadnock building in Chicago, built in 1893. I believe that 700 West Broadway will be elegant, characterized by calm, timeless and classic architecture that will be fresh and functional in 100 years,” he said. “It will stand with quiet authority, and be a pause in the visual landscape, a cornerstone.”
Henry Cobb, in a written statement.

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And, while we’re Monadnocking about,
here’s the original original,

Wiki says,

“the building’s name is taken from the New hampshire mountain that gave its name to the geological term indicating a freestanding mountain surrounded by a plain.”

And, how is this for high – just say yes

More on Chicago’s Monadnock here, here and here.

By the way, Mr. Cobb, with all due respect, from the above image and the video, I’m not sure I see enough Monadnock inspiration in your new building.