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C’mon baby! Let’s do the Twist!
-but can you twist in high heels?

At the evening meeting we saw the master create beauty.

With an overhead projector he drew watercolors. This one shows how his building would meet the ground.

And then compared that to….

C’mon Chicago, let’s do the Twist!

Developer Garrett Kelleher talks a lot about the international nature of this project and how (wealthy) people from around the world will want to live here. He’s the King of Twist.

At the meeting tonight of area residents, many were concerned about increased traffic and congestion. On and off ramps would be built to lower Lake Shore Drive, all trucks would use those and between 50 and 90% of the traffic to the building, according to a traffic engineer who spoke. Those ramps would provide direct access to the Chicago Spire drop-off points and to the parking. I believe that this great project this needs to be approved by the city. 1200 new units will increase traffic some but the great benefits far outweigh the negatives. If we want to limit traffic there are ways to do it, for example let’s de-prioritize the automobile in the city, and to reduce cars, let’s block the many mediocre buildings going up in Chicago, not this one.

More about tonight’s meeting soon. Maybe I’d be more serious if we knew this project was really happening and not just a castle in the air.

Oh, and Santiago Calatrava after drawing and dreaming for the crowd?

Rock Star. Bigger than Chubby!