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Love this New York lobby

by light-and-space artist James Turrell.

Walking away from Times Square (who wouldn’t?) this lobby somehow caught my attention.

A passerby saw me looking and pronounced, “that’s wierd.” I thought,” it’s James Turrell made corporate.” And this being New York, it is. A genuine Turrell. And it’s wonderful.

I hear the color alternates from blue to green to red. I think I’d want to walk into and through it every day on the way to work. Would it change my mood?

Or, as CIT is a consumer finance company, and this is their world headquarters; with finance in turmoil, maybe they should program the Turrell to display the current mood of the market, use the lobby like a mood ring. You know,

  • Mood Ring Stressed
  • Mood Ring Fearful
  • Mood Ring Nervous
  • Mood Ring Mixed Emotions
  • Mood Ring Normal
  • Mood Ring Relaxed
  • Mood Ring Calm
  • Mood Ring Cool
  • Mood Ring Lovable
  • Mood Ring Romantic
  • Mood Ring Passionate
  • Mood Ring Very Happy

Looking through the revolving door, I rang the buzzer but the guard you see in the back there wouldn’t open it. I’d love to talk with him. He sits by that light all night.

for D.
Mood Ring