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America’s Most Popular Big Cities

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According to this study just released by the Pew Charitable Trust. It’s worth reading.

Seven of the public’s 10 most popular big cities — Denver, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, Portland and Sacramento — are in the West, and the other three — Orlando, Tampa and San Antonio — are in the South.

The five least popular big cities — Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Kansas City and Minneapolis — are all in the Midwest.

These attitudes reflect what government data indicate about the nation’s migration patterns: Americans are leaving the Northeast and the Midwest in favor of the South and the West.

30% of Americans say they would most like to live in a small town, 25% in a suburb, 23% in a city and 21% in a rural area.

By a ratio of more than three-to-one, Americans prefer living where the pace of life is slow, not fast. A similarly lopsided majority prefer a place where neighbors know each other well to one where neighbors don’t generally know each other’s business.

Click here, then download the .pdf.

Does this mean I can buy a great modernist house in Chicago, for cheap?